Arena Splatmaster


This low-impact Paintball activity is an experience that uses low-velocity Paintball (Splatmaster) guns, firing 50cal. colour filled Paintballs, for younger players aged 9+. This activity has become a phenomenon for fun days out and kids parties!

Valley Adventure provides this activity offering a safe, friendly alternative to Paintball and has all the latest equipment to provide you with a brilliant, fun and safe environment.

Your combat abilities will be tested whilst completing a number of different missions and objectives!

At a glance

  • Age

  • Minimum Group Size

  • Maximum Group Size

  • Duration

    1.5 hours
  • Kids Party Price

    £283.20 ex GST (up to 12 children)
  • Additional Children

    £23.60 ex GST

What Should I Wear / bring ?

We provide the Safety Equipment which includes, Chest & Back Protection and a Facemask but we suggest wearing full length Trousers, Shirts & Jumpers which you don’t mind getting dirty and to ensure no area of your body is left unprotected from your “Friends and family” on the opposing Team! Training Shoes or Combat & Walking boots (for more inclement weather conditions) all are good and fingerless gloves can be a great idea.

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