Arena Airsoft

The newest addition to the Centre’s Group Combat Activities – for those who like Paintball, but want more realism from the experience, and less mess! 

Arena Airsoft is a fast paced activity, requiring players to move quickly and strategically between the 30 pieces of cover and 5 main bases in the Arena whilst navigating all the enemy team’s shots!
Multiple objectives are given by the Instructor’s throughout the session by default, however players are welcome to request gamemodes in their session at any interval.  

Clients wishing to bring their own equipment must have their Airsoft Rifles chronographed.
All RIFs on site must operate below 375fps/1.3j with a 0.20g bio bb.
Eye protection must be a polycarbonate lense, fit securley and flush with player’s face. 

1000’s Bio BB’s are provided per player. Options to purchase extra Bio BB’s available.

Bring your friends, family or work colleagues or celebrate an event in a very different way crawling, sniping, stalking or attacking your friends and others!
An activity that is bound to bring out the war hero in each and every one of you.

Suitable to players aged 12 and above, all players will be provided with a full safety briefing and those hiring the Centre Equipment will kitted out with all the necessary safety gear including full face protection.

All players are advised to wear; 
Long sleeve top 
Ankle supporting footwear
Helmet/protective hat

At a glance

  • Age

  • 1.5hrs w/1000 Bio BB’s per player

    £26.00pp +gst
  • Minimum Group Size

  • Maximum Group Size

  • Camo Overalls

    £4 + gst
  • Extra BB’s

  • White Bio BB’s 0.20g x 5000 (1KG)

  • White Bio BB’s 0.28g x 5000 (1KG)


What Should I Wear / bring ?

We provide the Safety Equipment which includes, Chest & Back Protection and Head Protection but we suggest wearing full length Trousers, Shirts & Jumpers or to Hire our Camo Overalls to ensure no area of your body is left unprotected from your “Friends, family and colleagues” on the opposing Team! Training Shoes or Combat & Walking boots (for more inclement weather conditions) all are good and fingerless gloves can be a great idea.


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