Airsoft Skirmish

For those who like Paintball, but want more realism and less mess from the experience! Airsoft Skirmish’s are an intense, site-wide experience with realistic missions – day & night! Follow the track to a 3000m² Adventure Park, littered with wooden complexes, an post-apocalyptic style arena and even a 3 story tower! 

We are equipped with industry leading equipment (Military Simulations Spec Training Rifles). Our Replica Imitation Firearms (RIFs) are 1:1 size, with realistic body, rails and instant trigger response for a fully immersive feel! They fire our 6mm biodegradable Airsoft pellets at up to 250mph! Safe to say, with the Airsoft guns set to MAX, this activity isn’t for the faint hearted!

All own equipment players welcome. 

Players wishing to bring their own equipment must have their Airsoft Rifles chronographed.
All RIFs on site must operate below 375fps w/0.20g Bio BB.
Eye protection with a poly-carbonate lens is highly recommended, a waiver is available for those wishing to use mesh goggles.
All eye protection must fit securely and flush with the player’s face. 
No lasers, smoke or pyro. Green gas & spring grenades OK to use on site. 
Parking is at Les Ormes. Please bring all RIFs covered when travelling on & off site.
Only our Brown Bio BB’s to be used. 0.23g & 0.30g available.  

Keep your feet on the floor – No climbing any trees/structures.
No physical contact or verbal abuse with other players. 
No shooting any wildlife.
Marshall’s call is final.  

All players will be provided with a full safety briefing.

Those hiring Centre Equipment will be provided with; 1 x Tippmann Airsoft Rifle, 1 x Magazine, 1 x Mesh Face Mask, 1 x Polycarbonate Eye Mask/Glasses, 1000 x Brown Bio BB’s + Optional Body Armour.

At a glance

  • Age

  • Minimum Players

  • Maximum Players

  • Duration

    3 hours
  • 3hr w/own equipment

    £23.50pp +gst
  • 3hr w/centre equipment

    £35.60pp +gst
  • BB’s 0.25g x 2800

    £22.00 +gst
  • Tracer Bio BB’s 0.20g x 1100

    £14.00 +gst
  • HPA Bottle refill

    £5.70 +gst
  • Camo Overall Hire

    £5.70 +gst

What Should I Wear / bring ?

All players are advised to wear; Gloves, Long Sleeve Top, Trousers, Ankle Supporting Footwear, Helmet/Protective Hat

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