Arena Paintball

Arena Paintball is a high octane, close quarter and fast paced group activity played in smaller areas with a variety of hides and cover on both sides of the arena.

A session consists of multiple games – each game is 10-15 minutes long, keeping you on your toes and very active throughout!

Our fleet of Semi-Automatic Tippman 68cal markers will have you smiling ear to ear as you watch Paintballs fly at 100mph+ towards the enemy team!

Spectators, marshals and downed players alike can take advantage of our elevated viewing platform which gives an unbeatable overview of the whole arena. 

At a glance

  • Age

  • Minimum Group Size

  • Maximum Group Size

  • 1.5hrs w/ 250 Paintballs

    £37.80pp +gst
  • 3hrs w/ 600 Paintballs

    £52.40pp +gst
  • Extra 500 Paintballs

    £26.20 +gst
  • Camo Overalls

    £5.70 +gst

What Should I Wear / bring ?

We provide the Safety Equipment which includes, Chest & Back Protection and Head Protection but we suggest wearing full length Trousers, Shirts & Jumpers or to Hire our Camo Overalls to ensure no area of your body is left unprotected from your “Friends, family and colleagues” on the opposing Team! Training Shoes or Combat & Walking boots (for more inclement weather conditions) all are good and fingerless gloves can be a great idea


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